Saturday, February 28, 2009

1st wedding post of 2009

Color palette: greens & whites
Location: The Westin

This is a "Wishing Tree"; Guests can hang their "wishes" for the happy couple from the branches.

Large topiaries with white Dendrobium Orchids on the Tuscan table

One of the ponds, with floating candles and blooms

Along with the linens, all of the differant shades of greens, and the creams and golds in the ballroom, everything turned out gorgeous! I hope she loved it, and, I hope it was more then what she imagined.

Beautiful things

Well, the shop is currently a construction zone. We have decided we need more light, so we're taking out a wall. That doesn't mean we don't have some truly beautiful things going on in back. Like garden roses. And Stargazer lilies. And Stock....
Did I mention garden roses?
Hopefully Spring is just around the corner...