Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Early July Events

Okay, so about a month between posts, but it is wedding season, so I'll cut myself a break. So far the this season has been amazing. We have also had some exciting opportunities, but we'll get to that a little later. So on tho the events...

This is a sandblasted Manzanita Tree w/ hanging votives and a greens and floral base

These are for an event at the Hawk gallery. If you've never been there I recommend that you go.

This is the altar piece that went with the Manzanita centerpiece above (the purple ball-like flower is an Allium, in case you were wondering, and they are very tall and fun to use)

These are for the OSU Urban Arts Space for the Steuben Glass exibit opening event

So thats all I have for the moment- I'd love some feedback, if you would like to more of something or a particular color combination, just message me or email us at

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