Tuesday, July 19, 2011

From Heather With Love...

(We re-blogged this from Heather's Te Amo Floral Design blog- it is so apt that we had to share.)

One would think, and one would be wrong, that our days are spent discussing flowers and weddings and the like. That would make sense, and we do, of course, discuss these things, but long hours at the studio lend themselves to the discussion of pretty much everything under the sun. for example: the other day Melody and I were talking about what drinks are refreshing.... Mojito's, Mint Juleps, etc. We were wondering what went in them (mint) because just previous to that we were all talking about how, as far as hangovers go, Tequila's the best, though we disagreed on the color of Patron. Kelly insisted it was clear. Melody and I said yellow, and I was sure of it because I had bartended at this lovely restaurant called Morada Bay (miss it, love it, you should go). Morada Bay is a tropical, chic restaurant in Islamorada, which is located in the idyllic Florida Keys (miss it, love it, you should go). I served Patron many times there.... and I was confident, due to my vast amount of experience, that I was correct about its hue. Until Kelly clarified we were debating the shade of Patron Silver. and I have no clue what color that is. (though my guess would be Kelly was right.) So, you see....

..... Be it why cornflower, which is clearly blue and not yellow (see photo above) and doesn't resemble corn in the least, is called cornflower*...... or deeper conversations on what is love really, and, more to the point, can you love another, be it husband, lover, friend, or pet, as unconditionally as you love a child (my answer is yes)... we have spoken of it. and don't even get me started on the longstanding debate I have with Kelly over whether Milan Ohio is pronounced the way we pronounce Milan Italy, or as the locals pronounce it, Mylynn, and whether visitors to Milan, Ohio should be corrected on their pronunciation. Though apparently she's right about that, too. {Though it is rude to correct someone on their pronunciation more than once... just sayin.} .... Hours, people, hours.

*Cornflower is named for its habit of growing wild in grain fields, such as barley, wheat, rye, and oats which are referred to as cornfields in England. Not surprisingly, to myself anyway, its endangered due to excessive use of herbicides on crops.

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