Friday, August 26, 2011

Te Amo Floral Design- "Full of Hot Air"

While its true we are often full of a lot of hot air around here at the flower studio, .... none so much as we were last week, and no, I am not referring to the record breaking hot weather we have been having (though we are on par with Miami, Florida for over a couple of months now, and yes, I've been keeping track.) I'm talking balloons.
Big, giant balloons.

The wedding was at The Columbus Museum of Art ( beautiful! All that natural sunlight, yet you are still indoors. Its the perfect combination on these sweltering hot summer days.) The bride wanted balloons to form a sort of wall at the back of the aisle. She had a black & white theme (her bouquet was in the previous blog post) so we tied all the balloons with a satin black ribbon. It looked simultaneously playful and elegant. Lucky for us, Kelly's mom, Karen, happens to be a balloon expert (what are the odds of that?) The ones she recommended were over two feet in diameter (see tomorrows post to get an idea of the scale.) They were perfect. Thanks Karen! We couldn't have done it without you

Kelly created the altar arrangements using tall curly willow sticks and a plethora of lush white flowers.
Gorgeous! (as always ; )

*Blog borrowed from Heather of Te Amo Floral Design

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